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Sessions on Transformative Planning at SCUP

Strategic Initiatives will be participating in two concurrent sessions at SCUP 2023 in Cleveland. Both focus on new approaches to transformational planning, proven through successful application with partner institutions, which will be featured in the session.

Integrated Tech Tools to Revolutionize your Strategic Planning, July 31--9:50 to 10:50 am

This session will focus on how institutions can revolutionize their transformational strategic planning and implementation efforts by creating an integrated, virtual engagement layer that includes collaboration and creativity software, reinvented planning tools, and analytics and AI. It also enables active, virtual facilitation. This approach fundamentally transforms the dynamics of planning and implementation. It results in the engagement of much larger communities of participants, more robust sharing of information, continuous adaptation, more efficient use of meeting time, reduction of process cost, and a more egalitarian process. Using a case study from the College of Pharmacy-Boston, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, you’ll learn how you can apply these innovative strategic planning tools to significantly improve institutional outcomes in these turbulent times.

Presenters will include: Robert Brodnick, Founder, Sierra Learning Solutions | Robert DiCenzo, Dean, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences | Tim Gilmour, Principal, Strategic Initiatives, Inc and President Emeritus of Wilkes University | Donald Norris, President and Founder, Strategic Initiatives, Inc.

Destination 2030: Planners as Transformation Architects, July 31--1:30 to 2:30 pm

The future will require planners who have the capacity to accelerate the transformation of institutional and student success processes. This session showcases a transformation architect approach to institutional planning with case studies that demonstrate the application of models, skills, and strategies for transformational change. Join us at “Destination 2030: Planners as Transformation Architects to discover how you can make the jump shift from planner to transformation architect, developing the necessary skills to meet the challenges ahead and help lead your institution to a stronger future.

Presenters will include: Lynn Akey, Vice President for Student Success, Analytics and Integrated Planning, Minnesota State University-Mankato | Linda Baer, Principal, Strategic Initiatives, Inc. | Edward Inch, President, Minnesota State University-Mankato

We urge SCUP 2023 attendees to attend both sessions because we believe that they constitute a critical one-two punch for institutions thinking seriously about undertaking transformation.

At both sessions, we will be providing information on how to get free access to an important new white paper on Revolutionizing with Virtualization and AI – Now and in the Future. No strategic planner in higher education should leave home without it.


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