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Strategic Initiatives

Transformation Services and Experiences

Services and Experiences to Empower Leaders to Transform

We seek to engage leaders in additional services and experiences that will empower them to become the new breed of transformative leader described throughout Transforming for Turbulent Times. Equally important, we want to help with the mobilization and talent development of community members who participate in the transformation of the institution.

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is to actively engage leaders and their teams and coalitions in mentoring and coaching that will enable them to optimize the use of our resources and tools.  We seek to teach leaders to fish, not do the fishing for them. Our initial focal point is on Getting Started by considering the need to become a new breed of educational enterprise and how to organize for a transformative campaign to do so.

We offer services and experiences to get the ball rolling utilizing Webinars and facilitated Zoom conversations with campus leadership teams. We also offer Coaching and Mentoring sessions with leadership teams, Guiding Coalitions, and other groups throughout the course of the institution’s transformation journey.

Examples include:


Getting Started - Why Transformation and Why a New Breed of Institution?
This Webinar/Conversation is for campus leadership teams who have reviewed our resources and want to have a probing conversation about why and how they need to transform.

In addition, we can tailor individual coaching and mentoring sessions or ongoing engagements throughout different stages of the transformation campaign. Using the Transformation at a Glance Model as an organizing framework, here are descriptions of what happens in each of the 8 steps and services and experiences Strategic Initiatives’ Transformation Team can offer.

Anchor 1

Disruptive Forces Demand a New Breed of Learning Enterprise

Plan a Long-Term Transformation Campaign

Launch the Campaign

Develop a

Sense of Urgency

Craft Expeditionary Strategies


Business Models

Orchestrate the Transformation

Shape a Bold Vision



01 New Breed


Learn about the disruptive forces transforming the world of work and learning by 2030 and beyond.  Be informed by institutional best practices for the future and with this knowledge define your institution’s version of the new breed of learning enterprise. 


Services and Experiences. Webinars and Conversations on:

  • Getting Started - Why Transformation and Why a New Breed of Institution?

  • Tailored Zoom Conversations on How to use our Resources and Services

02 Ten Year




Understand how to mount a relentless, long-term campaign that will enable your institution to meet the needs of its learners in the radically different world of 2030 and beyond.

Services and Experiences - Our team can orient your institution to our methodology for leading, navigating and orchestrating transformation, describe best practice elements of a long-term campaign, and provide initial guidance on its execution. Our Services Team can customize this information for your institution and help it constructively process and act on it.  Webinar/Zoom Conversations:

  • How to Plan for and Launch a serious, long-term Transformational Campaign

  • Organizational Capacities That Will Need to Be Built

03 Campaign



Acquire the knowledge to confidently start your institution’s journey toward transformation – how to be bold, lead differently, and position the transformation effort with your institution. Find out how to engage your Board and communicate continuously with all constituencies.

Services and Experiences - In addition to discussing the characteristics of transformative leaders outlined in our book and associated materials, our team can mentor presidents and other senior leaders on the characteristics of successful transformative leaders. It can also help them strengthen their capacities in these areas or identify members of their teams who can support them in areas where they fall short. Webinars/Zoom Conversations:

  • Characteristics of the Transformative Leader

  • Building Talent and Leadership across the Institution

  • Developing Foresight, Strategic Thinking, Analytics

  • Helping Planning Professions Become Indispensable to the Transformation

04 Urgency



Find out how to establish a Guiding Coalition to lead the transformation and a core team of strategic thinkers to help you make an urgent and compelling case for transformation. Learn how to utilize the proven technique of “radical incrementalism,” which combines radical aspirations, significant incremental initiatives, and continuous strategic adjustments to respond to changing conditions.

Services and Experiences - Our team can facilitate the orientation and development of a Guiding Coalition as it begins its work. For those institutions needing assistance beyond our book and the materials in our repository, we can provide support for developing the case for transformation and understanding and applying “radical incrementalism” and related concepts. Webinars/Zoom Conversations:

  • Shaping a Sense of Urgency, Deploying Radical Incrementalism

  • Engaging the Guiding Coalition in Developmental Conversations 

05 Bold Vision



Learn how to reach out to a 2030 vision horizon and beyond, then “plan from the future backward,” returning to the present to define a bold vision for that future. Understand how such visions help the Guiding Coalition craft strategies that position your institution to thrive in the world of 2030 and beyond.

Services and Experiences - Our team can facilitate a Guiding Coalition through an “Planning from the Future Backward” exercise and the crafting of a bold vision for 2030 and beyond and key initiatives for achieving it. Possible Webinars/Zoom Conversations:

  • How to Make “Planning From the Future Backward” Work?

  • Cross-Cutting Analysis of Bold Visions from Case Studies

06 Expeditionary



Understand how to promote and support divergent thinking that creates innovative ideas. Develop the capacity to converge these ideas into opportunities and then shape strategies that will create real value for your learners. These strategies are “expeditionary,” capable of being continuously adapted in response to changing conditions. The Guiding Coalition and coalitions assigned to implement specific initiatives then use “expedition maps” to execute and orchestrate these expeditions.

Services and Experiences - Our team can work with ad hoc coalitions to craft expeditionary strategies, using a variety of design thinking tools, and to construct expedition maps to drive their execution. Possible Webinars/Zoom Conversations:

  • How Do you Deploy Design-Thinking-Based Strategy Crafting, Expedition Maps, and Measurement?

  • How Do Expeditionary Strategies Pivot Over Time?