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SCUP Webinar Series: Leveraging Your Tools to Revolutionize Transformation Efforts

On June 7 at 1:00 pm EDT, Strategic Initiatives will present the third and final session in a Society for College and University Planning Webinar series on “Getting Started on Transformation.” The Webinars are free for SCUP members. This capstone session will demonstrate how to integrate three sets of activities critical to successful transformation:

  • Deploy Transformative Change Methods to Drive the Process

    • The Eight-Step Transformational Change Process

    • Radical Changes in Mindset

    • Two-System Organizational Model

    • Orchestrate Transformative Change

    • Develop “Transformation Architects”

  • Create an Integrated Technology Environment that Engages Participants Virtually and Provides Enhanced AI

    • Collaborative Tools (such as Zoom)

    • Creativity tools (such as Miro)

    • Analytics & AI Tools (analytics, you pick)

  • Embed Reinvented Planning Tools in the Virtual Engagement Environment

    • Assess Capacity for Transformation

    • Plan from the Future Backward

    • Display an Innovator’s Mindset and Conduct Design Sprints

    • Craft Expeditionary Strategies

    • Use Expedition Maps to Orchestrate Transformation

    • Reinvent Revenue/Business Models

This final session shows how to leverage these three sets of activities to transform and revolutionize institutional processes for futuring, strategic planning, and orchestration of transformative change. All three elements must be fully deployed and integrated to accelerate the pace and change the dynamics and outcomes of planning, execution, and change in ways that match the requirements of these turbulent times.

The workshop will feature Dr. Donald Norris, President and Founder of Strategic Initiatives; Dr. Tim Gilmour, President Emeritus of Wilkes University; Dr. Rob Brodnick, President and Founder of Sierra Learning Solutions; and Dr. Robert DiCenzo, Associate Provost and Dean of Pharmacy at Massachusetts School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. It will provide access to both the Webinar presentation and a supporting Body of Knowledge on Transforming for Turbulent Times.


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