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Strategic Communications

21st Century communication is being reinvented to provide greater reach, richness, and personalization. To be effective it must be real time and engage participants effectively and personally.

Strategic Initiatives provides clients with strategic communications services – from assessment and planning through implementation - in order to support successful change initiatives. Expert communication is necessary for transformative change to take root and flourish. We help clients establish a clear understanding of how to deploy communication that builds support for change, motivates people to adopt new behaviors, and reduces the risk of misunderstanding and non-productive conflict. We co-create effective communication plans and build organizational capacity to implement them. Strategic Initiatives provides the full range of communication assessment, planning and support services to achieve your needed outcomes. Strategic Initiatives supports these services through our capacity to deploy industry-leading capacity in Big Data, research and knowledge capture, social media, and real-time push/pull communications:
  • charting communication strategies, based on the client’s specific objectives
  • assessing the effectiveness of current communications , identifying opportunities to build on what’s working and change what isn’t
  • building capacities for strategic communications within the organization
  • writing communication plans that provide the road map for successful implementation of strategies
  • writing: crafting the key messages leaders will use to create clarity, build support and motivate behavior 
  • execution: assisting clients to implement strategic communication plans
  • capacity building, to ensure sustainable success in communication