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New Revenue Generation

Problem Statement. In many ways, entrepreneurship, innovation, design thinking and experiential learning are emerging as critical elements of a well-rounded education for 21st Century citizens. Many learners are seeking immersive developmental experiences that feature a robust combination of curricular, co-curricular, work and do-it-yourself experiences. At the same time that institutions are responding to these needs, they are being driven to become more entrepreneurial in their offerings, transforming existing programs, discovering new offerings that meet new value expectations, and reaching out to new audiences. These efforts will create new revenue streams that will likely prove essential to achieving financial sustainability. 
Value Proposition - Winning with Entrepreneurship and New Revenue Streams. Higher education is now faced with reducing costs, elevating the value generated for students, and assuring that learning is aligned with shifting needs in the world of work and professional practice. Strategic Initiatives has worked with institutions to successfully deploy entrepreneurial ventures and new models for revenue generation.Colleges and universities have significantly underutilized their resources, relationships, and capacities for new ventures. Strategic Initiatives helps our clients to mobilize these resources in the building and implementing of new revenue generation opportunities that utilize new business models and fresh best practices.
Our Team Makes the Difference. Strategic Initiatives teams for entrepreneurship and new revenue generation include consultants with hands-on experience with entrepreneurial ventures and new revenue sources in higher education settings. We also have extensive experience with building the collaborations and partnerships necessary for these ventures to succeed.

The Client Experience and Outcomes. Our entrepreneurship and new revenue generation projects are highly engaging and participatory. Strategic Initiatives uses these projects to co-create new entrepreneurial opportunities, business models, revenue streams with our clients and to develop their individual, team, and organizational capacities to launch successful ventures. When conditions warrant, we participate in some ventures on a revenue sharing basis.

Elements of Services. Our entrepreneurship and new revenue generation services consist of a customized blend of the following activities, tailored to the needs of each client:
  • deliver workshops and events to raise institutional entrepreneurship IQ
  • background research, futuring, and environmental scanning
  • generating new business models and new ventures based on them
  • marketing and relationship development
  • lead development for new ventures
  • continue to support new ventures through implementation
  • change management to create organizational culture appropriate to new ventures