Thought Leadership

Over the past twenty years, Don and others have literally “written the books” on organizational transformation to meet the emerging context of the Knowledge Age. The Strategic Initiatives team has combined thought leadership and artful practice to shape the leading edge of thinking on leading and navigating change, crafting and executing strategy, focusing on value, and performance measurement. Our team has also defined best practice in e-learning, knowledge-sharing and developing e-knowledge repositories, and designing technology-rich facilities for Knowledge Age applications. Strategic Initiatives uses thought leadership to generate the insights that position our clients for success. Our thought leadership has been manifested in publications, presentations and speaking appearances, satellite/Web broadcasts, and other venues.

Transforming in an Age of Disruptive Change
Excellence on the Edge
A Toolkit for Building Organizational Capacity for Analytics

A Guide to 
Planning for Change

 Learning, Research, and Collaboration in the Future
Transforming Online Learning & Competence Building
Action Analytics: Measuring and Improving Performance that Matters in Higher Education
Transforming eKnowledge:
A Revolution in Knowledge Sharing
Space: The Final Frontier

Transforming Higher Education: 
A Vision for Learning in the 21st Century

For more information on the following publications, please email us:
  • Competence 2.0™
  • Transforming the Use of Knowledge
  • Leadership for Change
  • Technology as an Instrument of Transformation
  • Fostering Innovation, Creativity, and the Human Side of Change
  • Transforming e-Learning
  • The Changing Face of Planning and Leadership
  • Transforming Facilities Design and Planning
  • Transforming Online Learning and Competence Building
  • Planning from the Future Backward
  • Principles for Change in Response to the Financial Crisis in Higher Education
  • Creating a Culture of Performance Measurement and Improvement
  • Knowledge Repositories and e-Knowledge Commerce
  • Planning and Leadership in a Transnational World
  • Leveraging Technology Through Comprehensive Change Management
  • Making Knowledge Services Work in Higher Education
  • A Revolution in Knowledge Sharing