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Strategic Planning

Problem Statement. In order to confront the disruptive future, the leadership of organizations need to adopt more aggressive strategic tools. They need to craft and be guided by active strategies supported by aggressive efforts to lead and navigate change. These efforts must rejuvenate existing programs and experiences to extend their competitive value. They must also design and discover new business models, new value propositions, new experiences, new programs, and new best practices that will enable organizations to enhance their value and achieve financial sustainability.

Value Proposition - Real Change through Active Strategy. Strategic Initiatives’ highly engaging strategic planning activities are steeped in both traditional and new design-oriented techniques. We help leaders who want to move their organizations into the future by charting a course through an uncertain future, building capacities that ensure success, and executing on actions moving the entire organization along together. We help organizations articulate how they create value, stay resilient in turbulent environments, overcome performance deficiencies, and innovate to upgrade legacy products, processes, and services.
Our Team Makes the Difference. Our consultants have literally “written the books” on effective strategic planning for change in higher education, based on our proven practices. Moreover, we have extended our strategic practice to include strategic planning, execution of strategy, capacity building, and change management, providing continuing guidance. 

The Client Experience and Outcomes. Our strategic planning experiences are highly engaging and participatory. They are developmental experiences for the participants, engaging them in deep learning about the future, the strengths and weaknesses of their organization, and external forces, threats and opportunities. The outcomes of the experience are tangible strategies, expedition maps, and change management plans, plus the enhanced talent of the participants, which we continue to develop throughout the full extent of the engagement.

Elements of Service. Our strategic planning services consist of a customized blend of the following activities, tailored to the needs of each client:
  • planning process design consultations
  • research, futuring, and environmental scanning
  • designing and delivering ideation and divergence sessions
  • guiding planning committees and writing teams
  • ideation, facilitating processes for idea generation
  • designing and delivering large scale, participatory events and symposia
  • designing and delivering convergence and selection sessions
  • leading strategy and expedition mapping sessions
  • writing reports and strategic documents
  • crafting change management plans to facilitate strategy execution
  • designing and drafting implementation plans and financial documents
  • ongoing monitoring and change management support
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