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Program Realignment and Innovation

Problem Statement. The academic portfolio that existed at most institutions from the 1960s through the early 2000s is losing relevance at a rate higher than we have seen in the last century of the higher education industry. This is exacerbated by with the erosion of public trust and a cost model that has spiraled nearly out of control. Consequently our academic programs – one of our core assets – are in severe need of realignment to the future needs of society. At the same time, new tools, innovations and approaches to employability, competence-based learning, experiential learning and fresh value expectations from learners are expanding the potential composition of academic programs.
Value Proposition - Realigning Programs for the Next Century. Strategic Initiatives not only provides our clients with the capacity to make good choices in program reduction and prioritization, but we provide the innovation tools to develop new programs for a fast changing future. This combination is critical to institutions seeking to fulfill the emerging value propositions and expectations of learners, employees and society, in the process assuring financial sustainability. 
Our Team Makes the Difference. Strategic Initiatives provides seasoned consultants with hands-on experience in both the realignment and innovation sides of the equation. We have experience in and access to the best cost-modeling models and tools in the industry. We are experienced in guiding institutions to use realignment to create innovation pools, and in designing and deploying the innovations necessary to deal with the fast-changing future institutions are facing.
The Client Experience and Outcomes. Our projects deeply engage participants in the program assessment and modeling, realignment and innovation experiences. We produce highly tangible outcomes supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis, and can continue to provide change management support throughout implementation or the realigned and enhanced program portfolio.
Elements of Services. Our program realignment and innovation services consist of a customized blend of the following activities, tailored to the needs of each client:
  • initial program and cost assessment, individual interviews, and group sessions
  • developing frameworks for evaluation and decision-making
  • creating, delivering, and analyzing surveys and instruments
  • financial and cost modeling
  • synthesizing findings leading to initial process recommendations
  • designing and delivering program alignment sessions
  • guiding the decision process for program realignment
  • creating investment pools for innovation
  • establishing models and processes for program innovation
  • crafting change management plans to overcome resistance to program realignment and redesign 
  • continuing change management support during implementation of program realignment and innovation