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Organizational Assessment, Design, and Intervention

Problem Statement. Most major undertakings begin with some combination of assessment and research activities. New leaders typically begin their new responsibilities with an organizational assessment to determine their organization’s capacity and potential. Strategic planning, organizational restructuring, program realignment, launching new programs, discovering new revenue streams, student success initiatives – all are launched and accelerated by initial assessment and research. Then the revealed insights inform design and intervention activities and enable leaders to focus their organizations toward a clearly expressed strategic intent.

Value Proposition - Shaping Your Organization through Focus and Intent. Strategic Initiatives helps organizations leverage assessment and research in two key ways. First we help improve performance by optimizing people, structures, and processes by assessing and shifting resources to meet performance goals. Second, we use foresight tools to anticipate where the organization will need to be in the future and plot a course for not only success today, but success in a future that does not yet fully exist. These services are especially useful for leaders assuming new positions and wanting to assess their organization and establish focus and intent.
Our Team Makes the Difference. Strategic Initiatives provides teams of seasoned consultants who have held positions of leadership and have track records of facilitating transformative change. Our teams consist of professionals who combine hands-on experience in higher education settings with proven skills in using organizational assessment to drive strategic planning and change management, problem-solving, program realignment, student success initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures and new revenue streams, and talent development.
The Client Experience and Outcomes. Our organizational assessment, design and intervention activities actively engage the members of the client organization in assessment and research activities. The resulting tangible reports and findings drive design and intervention activities that shape the organization. They yield and strategic intent for the activities that follow – strategic planning, problem solving, program realignment, and so forth.
Elements of Services. Our Organizational Assessment, Design and Intervention Service utilize a customized combination of the following services, tailored to the distinctive needs of each client:
  • initial assessment, individual interviews, and group sessions
  • developing, delivering, and analyzing surveys and instruments
  • synthesizing findings leading to initial design recommendations
  • designing and delivering organizational design sessions
  • developing interventions
  • leading and navigating change management
  • ongoing monitoring and course adjusting