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Optimizing Student Success

Problem Statement. Most institutions are experiencing great difficulty in creating breakthrough approaches to student success. Many have launched student success initiatives, deployed best practices from other institutions, and implemented new advising and retention improvement systems. Some have also invested in data science products, tools, and services. Yet all are struggling to seamlessly integrate the fragmented elements of student success processes and interventions across the institution. Moreover, they are stymied by the overarching challenge of changing their organization’s culture and practices regarding student success. Such institutions can break out of this logjam with hands-on assistance from seasoned strategists and change agents. Together they can co-create the vision and capacity to move faster than their competitors in optimizing student success that adds value to students and the institution. 

Value Proposition – Optimizing Student Success Along All Dimensions. Strategic Initiatives helps institutions “connect the dots” to link and unify their fragmented student success efforts, reinvent student life cycle processes, tailor proven best practices to each setting, and leverage unified data and analytics. All of these achieve immediate gains in student success that lead to improved retention and graduation rates and provide continuing improvement. We help institutions change their cultures, processes, and practices and move forward into the future, together. Strategic Initiatives offers a unique blend of qualifications, tools and practices to accelerate institutions on the pathway to value-added student success. These combine our industry-leading services in strategic planning, execution and change management with breakthrough insights on the future of student success optimization. Our highly engaging strategic planning and implementation activities are steeped in both traditional and new design-oriented techniques.
Our Team Makes the Difference. Strategic Initiatives provides teams of seasoned consultants who have held positions of leadership in higher education and who can demonstrate hands-on experience in combining strategic planning, capacity building, change management, and student success analytics in higher education settings.

The Client Experience/Outcomes. Strategic initiatives provides highly engaging and participatory experiences that immerse the client’s organization in taking a unified approach to student success. We provide highly tangible outcomes - strategies, expedition maps, change management plans focusing on optimizing student success - and ongoing support during implementation.

Elements of Services. Our services for optimizing student success consist of a customized blend of the following activities, tailored to the needs of each client:
  • engaging sessions to raise the consciousness of client leaders
  • assessing the institution using industry-leading frameworks
  • futuring workshops to explore transformative student success tools and practices 
  • design thinking-based problem-solving sessions dealing with student success
  • participatory sessions dealing with strategy, action planning, capacity building and change
  • crafting strategies and expedition maps for actions to optimize student success
  • writing plans and reports
  • developing change management plans to facilitate student success strategies
  • continuing change management support during implementation