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Leadership, Talent Development, and Coaching

Problem Statement. The combined package of leadership and talent development, active strategy, and effective change management are critical to organizations seeking to thrive in the changing environment of the 21st Century. Leadership and talent need to be developed in the context of the new strategies, business models and best practices needed to achieve success and financial sustainability in the 21st Century.
Value Proposition - The Developmental Side of Our Consulting Engagements. From the initial engagement through the final phases of our work, Strategic Initiatives continually evaluates and helps build leadership capacities in our client institutions. We provide insight for key leaders, help enhance the management and leadership skills of the managerial team, and work one-on-one with executives. Our engaging events, workshops, and assessment activities provide opportunities for leaders to share and establish vision, align leadership with strategy, tackle tough decisions in a supported environment, and create the bonds necessary for institutions to work together to create lasting change. We also push the development of leadership talent deep into the organization, providing for the dispersed leadership needed to change organizational culture and accept innovation in programs, processes, and practices.
Our Team Makes the Difference. Strategic Initiatives’ consulting teams include professionals with deep experience in developing leadership and talent throughout the organization. This includes demonstrated skills in assessment and development of individuals and teams, as well as coaching.

The Client Experience and Outcomes. All of our consulting services feature highly engaging, active experiences. Our leadership, talent development and coaching are intensively developmental and enable us to continue to enhance individual, team, and organizational capacity throughout the implementation and capacity building stages of our client relationship.

Elements of Services. Our leadership, talent development and coaching services consist of a customized blend of the following activities, tailored to the needs of each client:
  • initial assessments and interviews
  • delivering and analyzing surveys and instruments
  • synthesizing findings leading to recommendations
  • developing interventions for both team and individual development
  • individual and small-group coaching sessions
  • ongoing monitoring and adjusting course