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Highly Leveraged Analytics

Problem Statement. Many institutions of higher education are awash in data but lacking the more highly distilled information they need to support decision making and get the most out of the resources they invest. At the same time, external pressures for accountability and performance analytics are growing. Moreover, a new generation of analytics and data science tools and practices are being introduced to application in higher education. Next generation learning management systems and personalized learning applications with embedded analytics promise to be real game changers. Highly leveraged analytics may help leaders to differentiate their institutions from the competition.
Value Proposition - Maximizing Analytics IQ and Organizational Capacity. From financial and space management, to optimizing resources like faculty and staff time, to the more complicated learning and student success metrics, Strategic Initiatives brings the best measurement, metrics, and model building from across higher education. Our smart and seasoned consultants can tackle your toughest data challenges and leverage new tools from analytics, data science, and business intelligence. In the process, we can also raise our clients’ “analytics IQ” and help them develop the organizational capacity to deploy and leverage game-changing analytics practices. 
Our Team Makes the Difference. Our consultants are industry-recognized practitioners and thought leaders in advanced data and analytics practices. They have hands-on institutional experience in institutional research, planning and outcomes analysis and intervention. They have led efforts to overcome institutional barriers to evidence-based decision making. Our consultants have written seminal articles and monographs on student success analytics, knowledge services, and data-driven decision making.
The Client Experience and Outcomes. Our highly leveraged analytics projects utilize highly participatory design thinking-based problem solving to design new approaches to analytics and embed them in institutional strategy, action plans and capacity building. These produce tangible strategies, plans, new analytics applications and change management efforts to promote broad usage and acceptance.
Elements of Service. Our highly leveraged analytics services consist of a customized blend of the following activities, tailored to the needs of each client:
  • assessing institutional analytics IQ and organizational capacity using industry-leading frameworks
  • design-thinking-based problem-solving sessions dealing with metrics and analytics
  • participatory sessions dealing with strategy, action planning, capacity building and change
  • establishing measurement frameworks for any/all institutional systems
  • advising on the construction/acquisition of data repositories, warehouses, and BI approaches 
  • generating complex models to measure, track, and make decisions on key institutional processes·  
  • developing change management plans to facilitate implementation of analytics strategy
  • continuing change management support during implementation of strategy