No other firm can do what we can do!
  • The Strategic Initiatives team has broad experience over decades in all areas of planning. We have designed and executed hundreds of plans and transformed organizations, companies, colleges, universities, and whole systems through our work. We will take your organization through an extraordinary set of experiences and deliver an executable plan on time.
  • Strategic Initiatives employs a proven design-thinking approach to help you build and execute organizational strategy. Few, if any, other consulting firms can bring together this design-thinking approach with perspectives on strategy and innovation. We employ our planning from the future backward framework with a customized set of tools and processes that ensures a high degree of engagement and a deep and creative exploration of the possible futures.
  • Strategic Initiatives works in person, onsite in a highly collaborative manner. We utilize an organization’s capacity for innovative thinking and creative problem solving and employ online technologies, workshops, and symposia to fully engage both internal constituents as well as external stakeholders in a way that is stimulating, productive, and fun!
  • Our collaborative services co-create transformative strategy, but then can continue on through strategy execution, capacity building, continuing leadership development and cultural change. Using our approach our clients can achieve scalable innovations, effective change management, and the resilience and performance enhancement necessary to achieve financial sustainability.
  • For our college and university clients, we have one of the broadest, most experienced networks of planners, strategies, visionaries, and facilitators available in higher education today. Our network reaches across all segments and institution types. We have advanced knowledge of the issues of continuing and online education and significant experience working with research universities. Our network also reaches across all aspects of planning – from strategic to academic to student life to fundraising to facilities to budgeting.

Here are a few of our core competencies and differentiators:
    • strategic thinking
    • transformational focus
    • capitalizing on disruption
    • embedded innovation and design thinking
    • developmental and personalized approach
    • highly participative engagement
    • building and applying analytics
    • insights on emerging technologies and applications
    • change management and organizational development
    • deep experience with all facets of higher education
These are some of the outcomes our clients experience as a result of our engagement:
    • navigating change and disruption
    • transformation through intentional planning and successful execution
    • engagement and excitement
    • resilience
    • performance excellence
    • making and meeting the future
    • enhanced leadership and developed talent
    • highly integrated and leveraged analytics
    • understanding and meeting stakeholder needs
    • financial sustainability