Recent Clients

What draws clients to Strategic Initiatives?

Strategic Initiatives provides developmental services that solve problems, navigate organizational change, foster innovation, and develop the capacities of individuals, teams, and organizations. Variations on the same themes repeat themselves time and again. Some clients are losing marketplace position and are unable to halt their decline. They may understand the symptoms of decline but have no idea how to turn it around. They may have lost connection with their customers, members, and/or learners, and do not understand how to become indispensable to them.

In today’s environment, many of our prospective clients have lost market share and financial sustainability in the Great Recession, and need to reimagine themselves to emerge successful. Still others are faced with intractable organizational issues or fragmented, inadequate technologies. Some lack leadership, innovation, resilience, and creativity. Others have launched many small-scale innovations but lack the capacity to focus on enterprise-wide innovation to create competitive advantage. Still others have experienced unsatisfying cycles of strategic planning that failed to change the enterprise, blocking its capacity to innovate, grow, and prosper. Many have invested in technology but have failed to leverage those technologies to change the way they do business.

These days, many clients are seeking to measure and improve performance and put some action into their analytics. They realize they need to change their organizational culture and behavior to do so.

Strategic Initiatives has a proven track record of helping our clients to solve all of these problems. We have served some clients over extended periods of five-to-seven years and more, developing their capacity to survive and thrive during periods of change and competition.

Education Sector

Ocean County College
University of Maryland
Widener University
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Michigan State University
Salt Lake Community College
Virginia Tech
North Carolina State University
University of Texas
Stetson University
Iowa State University
Iowa Board of Regents
University of the Pacific
University of Damman (Saudi Arabia)
King Khalid University (Saudi Arabia)
George Mason University
University of Wisconsin

Corporate Sector

Kaplan Education
The Gilfus Education Group

Government, Nonprofit, Other Sectors

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Lumina Foundation
Council on Foundations
Global Center for Food System Innovation
Prince William County, VA
Education Research Services
U.S. Chamber of Commerce