Strategic Initiatives helps our clients succeed in a time of disruptive change by providing exceptional thought leadership, vision, and organizational development expertise. Our clients are found in a variety of settings: colleges and universities, associations and professional societies, technology companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and government/non-profit enterprises. What unites them is a burning desire to adaptively transform their organizations to achieve previously unattainable performance and success in the face of increasing competition.
Visioning & Strategic Planning
We employ powerful methods to explore possibilities and set vision for possible futures. We specialize in co-creating fresh, successful strategies, tailored to the times. We provide clients with thought leadership, expert facilitation, staff development, and augmented staff support as we jointly craft and execute new strategies for the future.
Leading and Navigating Change
We combine strategy execution, organizational development, and innovation in guiding change. We provide clients with thought leadership, experience in change, and continuing executive and administrative support to navigate turbulent landscapes. We specialize in strengthening leadership at the executive and board levels and capacity at all levels.
Achieving Performance Excellence
We partner with our clients to achieve the resilience and performance excellence necessary to thrive in times of escalating competition. We provide clients with a tailored, proven framework for performance excellence and partner with them to help strengthen their institutions, build capacity, and achieve results.